FOH mixer and sound designer

Graduate of l’Universitédu Québec à Montréal in Communications, Denis Savage is one of the most famous sound mixers in Canada. Well known for his live work as well as his studio work, he has been Celine Dion’s “front of house” mixer for more than 18 years and has also mixed all the live albums and DVDs for Celine.

In Quebec and around the world, Denis has collaborated as mixer and producer with many acclaimed artists such as Garou, Isabelle Boulay, Laurence Jalbert and others. With a well developed musical ear, and being thoroughly organized, Denis Savage has stayed in great demand even after his move to Las Vegas.

In his down time (which is all too rare!!) he is an avid golfer, motorcycle enthusiast and loves good food and good wine. He always finds the time to be there for any technical advice or support for the clients and staff of the studio. He loves to work on new ideas, usually keeps a few aces up his sleeve, and regularly provides great surprises to increase the quality of the services offered at the Studios Piccolo, i.e. the new SSL for the “C” room.