Specialized services and tools

The digital transfer of tape archives and restoration requires precision, care and accuracy.

We do all of the above…


Always keen to give the best and being present at every step of the production line,

Studio Piccolo gives the opportunity to offer the facility where the quality of the finished product is the first priority.


Considered one of the best places for mastering in Canada, Le Lab has become what it is today through its devotion to music. Founded through decades of experience and an unconditional passion for audio, the team of engineers has an understanding of music that reaches far beyond the technical aspect.

Le Lab Mastering


Production is without a doubt an important part of what we do. We make sure that all artists give the best of what they are capable of giving in a cool environment.

The artistic research is done with professionalism and by respecting the initial style of each one.

We make sure that every step is respected from A to Z.


Founded in 2009 by Denis Savage, Dominique Messier, Gauthier Marinof et René Aubé this record label et directly related to Studio Piccolo.

The prime goal is to unite our expertise with your talent, so bring it on!